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mandag den 21. juli 2014

Fitness inspiration

No school and homework's means more workout! When I were on Mallorca I did rollerskating, workout at home and of course swimming in the pool. How stupid of me to forget my trainers at home in Luxembourg (and no I didn't forget them on purpose) so I can't go for a nice run in the forest. However I have lots of workouts you can do at home without equipments.

Here are some workouts for you guys

Lower body:
Wall sit
Jumping Jacks
Calf raises
Leg Lifts
Jump Squat

Abb workout:
Bicycle crunch
Side plank
Leg raises
Mountain climbers
Russian twists
Jack Knife
Flutter Kicks

Squat jumps - 60 sec.
Push ups - 25
squat jumps - 60 sec.
skaters - 60 sec.
jump rope - 60 sec.
jumping jacks - 60 sec.
plank hold - 60 sec.
one leg hop - 30 sec. each leg
scissor lunge hop - 60 sec.  

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